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by Jean Callaway

I never really gave much thought to age or aging until the day I turned 60. For those fortunate enough to experience growing older, aging is inevitable.  

Although I understand it’s only a number…it is a “number” which had a huge effect on me. One day I was 59 years young - awake, alive, vibrant, healthy, active with little thought ever given to age.

The next moment I felt “OLD”.  At least that is how I observed the consciousness of this new number which had started to redefine my existence.

My experience of turning 60 was that it came with a downward spiralling consciousness. Little wonder.  We are surrounded with words like old, failing eyesight, loss of hearing, incontinence, dementia, thinning bones, forgetfulness to name but a few which pop out as one browses the numerous online information sources. There is even a song directed at my current age “When I’m 64” by the Beatles. “When I get older losing my hair… Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64” as though we become weakened or disposable once we hit a certain age.  

As I aged, I was driven by a desire to simplify. I sold my home, many of my belongings and experienced 4 different addresses in less than 13 months as I sought a place to settle.  

One of those addresses was in an “adult /retirement community”. At that location it seemed that the energy/consciousness of “Ageing/OLD” surrounded and permeated me.  

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I reconnected with a psychic friend and asked him what he saw in my energy field. His response “I see OLD in your field.” Woo back, that was enough for me. I understand energy, consciousness, the law of attraction and thank you but no thank you I’m not buying into that.   At least not as defined by others who came before me.

The real and more empowering questions around aging are “ Who are we really? and “What is it that is doing the aging?”  

The truth of who we are is not our body, nor the mind .  The truth of who we are is spirit, essence energy, consciousness. An infinite and divine spark of light/love having a human experience. The body/mind may decline however this that we truly are is ageless, timeless and never dies. That being said, the body is the vessel in which our spirit/essence has this human experience. We all have a body.   We walk it around, we clothe it, we feed it, we adorn it.  

What we must also acknowledge is that we store in its cells the memory of any heightened energy/emotion we have ever experienced in this or any other life .  

This repressed energy/emotion can interfere with the body/mind’s ability to function optimally and contributes to ill health and more rapid decline/ageing of the body/mind .

And there’s more.  The body speaks to us; subtly and sometimes not so subtly depending on how in tune we are to it and our response to the messages it offers.   

Simply stated, every response from the body is an intelligent response.  It matters not whether it is an itch, a headache or backache, digestive issues, allergies, arthritis, ADHD, Asthma, Mental and Emotional Dis-orders, cancer or habitual behaviours such as nail biting. It is our body’s way of communicating with us.  

The first thing many are conditioned to do when the body signals for our attention with physical or emotional symptoms is to reach for a Tylenol or anti-depressant, call the doctor or go to the pharmacy in pursuit of relief.

What if there was another way? What if relief from these symptoms was as easy as closing your eyes, bringing all your awareness into your body and truly listening to what your body has been trying to tell you.  In some cases it may have been trying for years.

In accessing and releasing repressed cellular memory lies the bodies potential to heal and regenerate thus decelerating the bodies aging process.

To quote Ramdev, Yoga Guru “The human body is designed to live for 400 years, but we torture our bodies through excesses of food and lifestyle. We invite high blood pressure, heart ailments and other diseases that lessen its life span and makes it depends on doctors and medicines for the rest of our lives,"

We are what we think. Our thoughts create our reality and our body is a reflection of our thoughts. The thinking rational mind can instill fear, doubt and judgment all of which over time manifest as dis-ease/dis-comfort in the body.  Any thought that results in a heightened emotional charge puts us out of alignment with the truth of who we really are.    

“Our thoughts can make us sick and our thoughts can make us well.” And the truth is that 97% of the thoughts that cross our mind are not ours.  Choose yours wisely!

To quote Dr. Bruce Lipton “ The view of aging is undergoing a radical transformation in the Western World. With rising consciousness and extended life spans, after sixty is no longer the go gently into the night stage of life. With decades of quality living ahead audacious elders now expect to live a fully engaged and exciting life “.

Can we slow down the aging process ?  

Absolutely !

I offer the following for your consideration.  

  • Healthy food, lifestyle and environment will slow down the aging process.  

  • Raise your consciousness. Redirect your attention away from the mainstream perspective of aging.

  • Maintain a high vibration. All emotion is simply energy. Holding onto anger, resentment, hatred, guilt or any other low vibrational energy/emotion is detrimental to your health and well being and will accelerate the aging process.  Choose/BE love instead! 

  • Mindfulness and meditation are known to slow down the aging process.  

  • Conscious Breathing – Bring your breath into your conscious awareness. Sounds simple right? It is amazing how long we can hold our breath without any conscious awareness that we are even holding it.

Try it. Take a nice long deep breath in through the nose, all the way through the ribs, the belly. On the exhale (make it longer than the inhale ) simply BE LOVE.

  • Surround yourself with a conscious, like hearted supportive community.

  • Live your life in full and complete integrity at all times.

  • Shine your light !  Allow your spirit to shine and express through the body. As you do you give permission for others to do the same.  Illuminate the world.!

With ageing comes a freedom. As the responsibilities of youth such as career and child rearing fall away it creates a space for one’s innate wisdom and confidence to surface.

Be your own person. Follow your heart, live your passion, enjoy the ride and last but not least … To thine own self be true…ALWAYS.   

Jean is an accomplished spiritual health and wellness teacher, healer, intuitive, and guide, Jean's very presence becomes a living, breathing transmission of healing consciousness which transforms lives. 

“Jean is one of those rare people who efficiently combines her strong intuition with multiple techniques to assist others to heal and reconnect with their true and divine self.  It is what she contributes beyond this essential know how that makes her exceptional. Generous, caring, and kind, Jean is an exceptional person who works with the Intelligence of the Heart with those who want more of what's possible; physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually.”

Jean works face to face, phone or Skype.

Contact Jean via email jeancallaway@bell.net or by phone 613-295-2756

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