photo by @jul_xander

photo by @jul_xander

Dear Ex,


I hope you're well.

I know we haven't spoken for awhile, but there is something I would like to share with you.

As of late, I've been living a pretty inauthentic life.

You see, I've been pretending that I'm tough. I've been pretending I'm “all good” and that I

don't need you. I've been pretending I don't care that you're not in my life anymore. In fact,

I've been pretending that I'm HAPPY you're not in my life anymore.


The truth is, I've been feeling incredibly lonely. I've been feeling great pain and sadness,

going as far as believing that I am not loved in my life.

But- I've been working really hard to cover all this up. Really, really hard. 24/7. Round the


This inauthentic way of being has had a pretty huge impact on my life. It's been taking up a lot

of mental and emotional energy to pretend that I'm ok. Energy that could be used to do...

basically anything in else in my life .. including having meaningful interactions with others.

What's been missing this entire time throughout this charade is self-love and compassion for

myself, as well as connection with others.

With that said, from this moment forward, the possibilities I am inventing for myself and my life


This is a huge victory over my past because I am facing my biggest fears and saying them out

loud. And from there, I am DECLARING these new possibilities. I will now live and breathe

these possibilities for myself and my life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for the times we shared together.

I love you, but more importantly, I love myself.


I walk down the street

And wave hello when we meet

And then I sing this song for you




I sing this song for you


Jessica Salgueiro