Five Questions for my Niece

Nancy and Leilani. Mom and Daughter.

Nancy and Leilani. Mom and Daughter.

Can you describe your mom in three words?


What is something very important that she’s taught you recently?

I don't know, how to solve a division problem?

What do you think you’ve taught her?

What it's like to take care of me? How much she loves me?

What does she do that makes you feel better when you’re upset/ hurt?

She hugs me and talks to me.

Do you think you’re a lot like her - and if so, in which ways?

Kind of. Our hair and eyes look like each other's, and we both love each other.


Leilani Talea Carreira is 11 years old. She lives in Ottawa. She loves nature, reading and animals. She just finished "The Princess and the Foal" (about a real life Jordanian princess who competed in an equestrian event at age 12 and won) as part of the Mother-Daughter book club she started.  She is currently raising money to protect the Snowshoe Hares that are victim to a rapidly changing climate in the arctic- Check it out at
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