Still Me


her grandkids call her glamma. photo by pat dickinson

By Robin Trottier

Now that I am fast approaching my 60th year, for the first time in my life I am becoming age conscious. I have never been someone that thought about who or how you should be at a certain age. I was always just me! But as I tick the second last box in the age section of a survey, I cannot help but become conscious of it. 

You are constantly being made aware of it and not always in pleasant ways: life insurance ads, drugs you should be taking for just about any ailment you should have at this age (given the side affects I think I would rather the ailment!), homes (always with a magical name) where we should be thinking about hanging our hat, lotions and potions convincing us that erasing life's lines will somehow make us feel superior in some way... and just when you think you have outgrown the wrath of prejudice, God forbid you are in the market for a new career opportunity!  You look good on paper, but in person, not so good!

The self confidence I have spent a life time trying to attain is once again scarred by outside sources! I keep asking myself, other then when I pass a mirror or asked for my seniors discount card, when I will feel what others see? When will I stereotypically fit into that "seniors" box? I hope never! I am resigned to staying true to myself and not what others see me to be!

So I guess my thoughts are, that no matter what decade you are living in, don't let any thing or anybody fool you into thinking you should fit into any particular type of box. Stop letting negative outside influences tell you who you are. Learn from them, but never take heed! Always listen to that inner voice that knows you!

The search for contentedness will be life long, so hang on to your red hats, bitches and enjoy the ride, because you're in the drivers seat of this mystery mobile we call life and always will be! When the valleys become hills step on the gas a little harder. You can always be you and you will always have a voice! Many have not had this as an option!

Faithfully, I remain me :)

Jessica Salgueiro