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photo @taylorannwright

photo @taylorannwright

Mama Gena’s book “Pussy” takes Pussy Power to an all new level. She states that when a woman connects with her Pussy, it is not that she is connecting with the pornographic parts of herself it is that she is connecting with her Life Force - her power. This book has opened up a whole new access point for me because as Mama so joyfully declares “the pussy is your divination wand.” There are several rituals that she has prepared in order to get better acquainted with your body and your pussy. Here are two that I practice regularly.


by Mama Gena

Today, even still, most of the beauty industry is owned by men and most of the advertising agencies they hire are owned by men and most of the senior creative directors within those advertising agencies are men. And all of these fellas get richer when women feel insecure about their bodies, when we believe we’re unlovable as we are, when we believe we’d be more worthy if it weren’t for the cellulite or the stretch marks or the grey in our hair. Sisters, it’s a lie of our culture. And I know you know it’s a lie, but when the lie is virtually inescapable, when we let it into our heads and tell it to ourselves in our own voices … it’s hard to remember what is true. But this is the truth: you are beautiful.

Think of a woman you love. Picture her in your mind. See her eyes, see her hair, her smile, her arms that have held you. She may not look like a magazine model (even magazine models tell us they don’t look like magazine models) but I bet you see her beauty. That’s not you being generous; it’s you being true. And if she were somewhere picturing you at this same moment, she would hold the same for you. She would stand for your beauty because your beauty — like hers — is the truth.

Today, we’re going to add some loving self-talk to the script running i your ravishing little head. At least five times today, I want you to say, “I am beautiful.” Bonus points if you’re looking in a mirror. It’s even okay with me if you don’t believe it yet, but say it all the same. Three of those I am beautifuls? You’re going to say them out loud. You can be alone when you do — the point is to feel those words on your own tongue and it’s to hear them in your own ears. But, oh sisters, imagine this.. If you have children, could you say it in front of them? Can you imagine what it would make possible for our children if they knew their mothers found themselves beautiful? If they knew women were already worthy? 


by Mama Gena

Every morning, I start my day the same way: I dance naked for 10 minutes. Two full songs on my playlist.

Every morning.
Even when I don’t want to — especially when I don’t want to —
I dance.

Ten minutes in the morning. Then, little 30-second tune-ups throughout the day, when I start to feel my life force draining or my crankiness encroaching.

So this is your practice put on your favorite music and dance in your living room or your kitchen or your bedroom. Close your eyes, lose yourself in the song, move your body how it wants to move. Surrender.

The only way to blow the lid off your greatness is to practice the action of self-love. Not the thought of self-love. Not the kind of self-love that is a result of your hard work, how great you look, or how effective you have been — we are going for the kind of self-love you feel for absolutely no reason, just because.

Just because. And because it’s fun. Because it’s useful. Because it will orient you to pleasure, which will change the course of your day.

If you’re not physically able to dance, use your mind to move your spirit. Imagine your energy swirling about the space, soaring and spinning. Dance is for everybody.

Jess’ recommendations: “Get Down Tonight” KC & The Sunshine Band, “Give it to Me Baby” Rick James, “September” Earth, Wind & Fire, “I Feel Love” Donna Summer.

Can ya tell I’m in a disco faze?

Jessica Salgueiro