Let's Not Give Shame Our Power

photo credit from LadyGaGa's instagram account @ladygaga

photo credit from LadyGaGa's instagram account @ladygaga

by Jean Callaway

We have all felt it, tried to hide it , run from it and given it our power in every way.  It does beg the question, what is shame really?  

Like every other emotion it is a level of human consciousness, the lowest on the map of consciousness vibrating at 20 Megahertz per second.  The energy/emotion which accompanies this level of consciousness is Self Hatred.  Someone operating at this level of consciousness may feel humiliated, unworthy, unlovable and will generally have a low sense of self.

What attracts shame into our experience of life?  

A vibrational signal or frequency...remember- everything is energy!  As an example you may have had an experience at some point in your life, often the formative years which caused you to feel shame/humiliation.

I, like everyone else on the planet have had several of them. The one that stands out the most in my mind was when I was backhanded across the face by my father for speaking on the phone after being told no one was allowed to use the phone while he was out.  

The most difficult thing about this was my friend was visiting and witnessed the violent act.  I felt totally and completely humiliated. Exposed now, I was unable to pretend any longer that everything was okay and that life and I were perfect.   I was unable to hide the violence and abuse that was the cornerstone of my childhood.  

This act of violence resulted in the loosening of and eventual loss of my front tooth , a lifetime of dental trauma, and many more experiences where I felt this deep shame and humiliation.  Most often related to my mouth and teeth.

So what then does shame have to do with me or with you?  NOTHING… NOTHING AT ALL. 

Just as we are not any other emotion that moves through our bodies, we are not anger, we are not despair and we are not shame. Nor are we the multitude of experiences we have had in this and any other lifetime.  

Shame is not exclusive to any of us … the same consciousness moves through every single person on the planet and the planet itself. 

 The real question is how easily can we allow it to flow through the body as we all know it is not the most empowering of emotions/energy. 

As our cells regenerate one might ask why then do we still feel this shame (or any other energy/ emotion) Because our cells regenerate AS IS.  

Does this make us powerless to do anything about it.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  

There are many ways in which to influence this repressed cellular memory/vibrational frequency.  

  • By clearing the cellular memory that locks the memory of the heightened emotion /energy in place our cells will regenerate as new.  
  • By allowing ourselves to feel - for with feeling comes higher consciousness and clarity.
  • By changing negative thought patterns. 
  • By doing what we love to do
  • By adapting a healthy life style, which includes plenty of movement.  These bodies are designed for movement.

Lets not give shame or any other emotion our power any longer. 

Live Life Free, Have Fun, Enjoy!  It truly is that simple!

In all love.

Jean Callaway is an accomplished spiritual health and wellness teacher, healer, intuitive, and guide, Jean's very presence becomes a living, breathing transmission of healing consciousness which transforms lives. Contact Jean via email jeancallaway@bell.net 
















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