bitchesbewitches is a community, its all of us.  These are the bitches/witches that decided to make a website.


I'm Jess.  I come from a home with a lot of women and one super ultra alpha male.  I was raised to be strong yet emotional, passionate yet hard working.  The women in my family are all quite witchy in their own respects.  My sister Nancy is an activist and her child-rearing of me while she was a teenager has impacted me greatly.

I started writing bitchesbewitches in my mid twenties after not getting my period for 2 years and dealing with some serious body dysmorphia issues.   I had been trying to make myself as small as possible to fit some idea of beauty. When I knew something was very wrong, I did everything I could to get my period back in a way that was true for me.  I thought by taking up more space not just physically; but energetically, mentally, verbally, emotionally and spiritually might somehow heal me.  The more I began to accept myself, the more I embraced everything that makes me viscerally female, and it's fucking magic.

This project was born out of information I collected and discoveries I made in an attempt to become vibrant and big again.  The Women (and Men) who have given their time, their wisdom and shared their fullness of being with me are real revolutionaries; encapsulating what it means to bravely know oneself and do damage control when fear tries to manipulate a deeper intuitive knowing.  

I also like to act, dance and occasionally sing the Portuguese Fado.  
One day I'll learn the drums.
My superpower is that I'm good at helping people believe anything is possible.




My name is Emily Dickinson, and I am an actress and a writer. I am 27 years old, and for the first time, recently referred to myself as a “woman.” It felt like a Freudian slip—I corrected myself, and said “girl.” Then I uncorrected myself, and stated “woman” again. You get the picture. I’m coming into my womanhood, and bitchesbewitches has been a magical portal in which I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some incredible women (namely, Jess and Meaghan!)   

This project feels really special at this time in my life—with the acting industry being unreliable and the general state of the world, I think it’s crucial that we have community and a place to talk about what’s really important. To me, the most important thing is women building up other women. I’m lucky to have always been surrounded by really loving women (and men) that have encouraged me to be myself, but I haven’t always supported MYSELF with the same kind of love. I believe that self-love is the key to life, and  with the help of some amazing guides, I am getting there. It’s such a journey, and we are not alone on it!  It is such a pleasure to get to interview the ground-breaking society-defying women that inspire us.  

I do yoga to be strong and to breathe, I dance to feel free, and I paint to calm my brain.  I like to swim in cold water and make Instagram stories (not at the same time). I have a tendency to want to run away and travel, and often when I'm away from Toronto I miss it so much it hurts.

My superpower is my ability to follow my intuition. 


regular art contributor/consultant/esthetic genuis

Meaghan Harris

Hi, I’m Meaghan, a 27-year-old woman living, loving and making art in Toronto. Lately the medium that I’ve been obsessed with is film photography, if you want to check out my photos you can go to my Instagram (@meagharr).  My work is informed by my love and curiosity for humans (cause they’re strange and beautiful) as well as my insatiable desire for nostalgia. 

There isn’t a time in my life where I haven’t felt defiant against societal conventions, as a little girl this included painfully dreading school, avoiding schedules of any sort, resisting cleanliness and feeling disappointed with gender roles. I remember at seven years old boldly announcing to my mom “I will never change my last name for a man.” As a pre-teen I had really begun to internalize sexism, I grew very self-destructive and angry in the years that followed. In order to feel in control I turned to sex, drugs and an eating disorder. As I fought to be free and find myself I was made to feel like a “slut” or a “bad girl.” The good news is that at 27, after many years of experimenting I can finally say that I am closer than ever to NOT GIVING A FUCK.  I am learning to accept and even love parts about myself that I used to loathe. Everyday that I get older I find more peace in my home (and when I say home, yes I mean my body). My ongoing goal is to carry my age with pride, to politely inform those who tell us that its rude to ask a woman’s age that I think its rude to NOT ask a woman’s age.

I love spending my time painting, drawing, dancing, taking pictures, collecting (NOT a hoarder), and lastly but most importantly being with the people that I love.

My superpower is that I’m addicted to pop culture and subculture so I pretty much always know what’s new - ranging anywhere from real housewives to streetwear brands.