By Amanda Yates Garcia

"A day without a night and a night without a day."

Remember how in the movie Lady Hawke the only way to break the lovers' curse was during the moment of the eclipse, when night became day, and day became night, and the wolf became a man and the lady emerged from the hawk, simultaneously? I'm a big believer in using our contemporary mythologies to inform our understanding of astrology.  For me, one of the most beautiful aspects of astrology is how it connects the mythic and psychological with the power and wonder of the cosmos.

Historically, eclipses were times when the natural order of things was subverted. The Moon overpowered the Sun. Normally invisible to us, the Sun's corona was revealed when its light was tamed by the shadow of its "inferior". 

While eclipses traditionally portend the fall of kings (we can hope) or mayhem in general, as with all astrological phenomena, we can also harness the power of the most difficult aspects for good.

Now is a great time to use your will and clear intentions to break a "curse" for which you've previously seen no solution. 

Spell Steps 

Step 1 - Set Intention
Write about, record, or discuss with a friend your intention to use the power of the eclipse to break a curse in your life. We can think of a curse as any negative energy glommed on to you against your will, which causes you harm. So perhaps it's a family legacy of abuse, or the critical words of an old teacher that caused you to doubt yourself. Whatever it is, get clear on its form, when it came to you, and why you want it gone.

Step 2 - Prepare
Write down all the ways the fiery, overwhelming nature of the problem/curse blinded you to your own power. 

Step 3 - Perform
As the shadow of the moon falls over the sun, visualize your curse withering, drying, and being sucked of its power. Light the paper describing your curse on fire and say the following spell:

"As the moon eclipses the sun, so does the power of my unconscious to destroy my obstacles."

When the sun re-emerges, visualize its light as cleansed and restored, feel its light showering upon you and filling you with a renewed sense of power and agency. Take a moment to sit still and listen.

You will receive a message about the next steps you need to take. Pay attention and trust your intuition and the guidance that you receive.

Step 4 - Affirm
Write in your journal (or wherever your intuition guides you):

"Today, at the moment of the Solar Eclipse, I cast out the power of ______ from my life. ______, has withered and died, it no longer has authority over me. As the Sun re-emerged, I called in the power of _______. _______ is now my guiding star and protector. To demonstrate this truth, I commit myself to ______ (performing "x" action) within _____ ("x" time frame). As I will it, so be it, see to it."

Feel free to change the text as you see fit.

And if you want to use this spell to free us all from the curse of white supremicist, capitalist patriarchy, go for it!

Keep in mind that the eclipse will last for 8 minutes, so may have time to set more than one intention if you want to.

Happy Solar Eclipse, 2017!

Amanda's mission "is to create an army of celebrants of the Goddess of Love. Together, we will re-enchant the world!" Amanda Garcia Yates is also known as The Oracle of Los Angeles.  Seek her out for workshops, reiki, and tarot readings.  Yes, she is in Los Angeles but her services are still accessible and her website is a huge resource for those wanting to bring more magic and inspiration into their lives.
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