by Amanda Yates Garcia 
(a modified technique from Tracy Griffiths)

[-NOTE- Emily and I (Jess) performed this during the Full Moon in Aquarius and wow was it powerful.  We highly, highly recommend this ritual- even to realize how you may or may not be fearful of your own great vision for yourself.  Very illuminating.]

For your spell today, grab a friend and perform the practice known as Future Pacing & Quantum Rebalancing. 

To do this spell, all you need to do is to set your intention to manifest in an area you’d like to achieve a breakthrough.

Sit face to face with your partner, and set your time for 68 seconds.

In the first round, you will rant to your partner about something you want, describing it in detail as if it’s already happened (Example: “I’m at my book launch surrounded by my friends and there’s this long line of people coming up asking me to sign their book, etc. etc.”) without pause for the full 68 seconds.

Your partner will listen with her whole heart. Then, when your rant is done, for 68 seconds your partner will silently but vibrantly envision this very thing happening to you, adding and embellishing with her imagination, paying attention to all the sensory details of what she hears and receives.

She will then spend the next 68 seconds telling you what she saw, you will listen and be delighted. And then you’ll switch.

This is a spell to manifest your vision in creative collaboration with others.


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Jessica Salgueiro